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This site is provided as a resource for musicians looking to record their work in a professional recording studio. It aims to provide useful advice, to help you achieve a quality recording in a relaxed manner, and with the minimum of fuss.
New tips and advice will be posted periodically as the site grows, and we hope it continues to prove useful.
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What do I need to bring to the studio?
How much time should I book?
How many songs will we get recorded?
What is mastering?
What's best - recording live or overdubbing?
How do we get more gigs?
How do we get signed?
How can we sell our CD?
Some pages of this site are still under construction
Although this site is hosted by Maybank Studios, we aim to provide impartial advice to the benefit of all musicians, wherever they are recording, and we welcome visitors from other studios around the world as well as the growing number of home recordists everywhere.

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